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Women in Waiting

Dedicated to women who are waiting for a significant other. but more so, a good godly gentleman. As you pray, prepare and position yourself for your MAN. It is one thing to feel as though you are ready to get your significant other and life partner, but you must do your due diligence to be ready when God brings him to you.

~ Maintain a committed consistent relationship with God. Make HIM your number ONE priority

~ See the gift of time in this season of solitude and singleness; recognize the opportunities you now have to prepare yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically

~ Occupy yourself with wholesome activities; work hard but learn how to have leisure time too (don't be a workaholic - there is no badge of honor in being busy all the time

~ Know when it is time to pray and speak in tongues but also know when it is time to speak in tones that get your points across

~ Watch your tone of voice and adjust accordingly; you may miss or lose your man because you come across in abrasive harsh critical tones

~ Sometimes being submissive means giving up your right to be right; learn how to be the heroine by not always needing to be right or having the last word

~ Work on improving your self esteem and self image on a continuous basis. As we change as women, we must also be intentional about honoring who we are and the lady that we are becoming

~ You have issues (accept it but deal with it); don't rehearse or nurse things that need to be discarded

~ You will never be perfect and neither will he - let go of unrealistic expectations while maintaining high standards

~ Forgive yourself completely for past mistakes and let those things go - Don't get stuck in a stage of your life that no longer exist

~ Don't give in to shame because it is a trap meant to hold you back. Accept that your life went the way it was supposed to, so it is your responsibility to grow from those things, then teach, influence and inspire others

~ Don't give in to the pressure to be like others, be yourself

~ Don't speak badly about your looks, weight, or perceived physical flaws (embrace your hips, thighs, boobs and all)

~ Don't put your body parts on public display to provoke reactions or get social media affirmations (in the words of Olivia Pope "That's too much cleavage"). When a lady constantly give the boobs or butt pose, it gives people the wrong idea about her motives (same thing goes for those puckered lips poses - who you trying to kiss? speaks volumes...if you are serious about attracting the right man, it is time to stop it)

~ Learn how to cook several meals, set a table and host a formal gathering. You don't have to be a fancy chef but master a few essential meals

~ Learn how to do basic domestic chores and commit to regular household care. Take pride in being a home maker

~ Learn how to hand wash (you never know when that skill will come in handy)

~ Be disciplined enough to maintain household care (you may not be able to clean as often as you like but your kitchen and bathroom should always be sanitized and clean)

~ Confront and conquer your inner demons, identify problematic patterns meant to derail and delay your progress

~ Get an education and develop practical life skills; don't believe the myth that you can't learn or get a degree or develop a new skill - Improve your mind

~ Make health and wellness a top priority; don't skip your annual medical check-ups and don't ignore warning signs that the body gives

~ Save money consistently (even if it's coins or dollar bills). If you can, get an investment portfolio. If/when you are able to, reduce the number of monthly payments that are not essential bills

~ Be a consistent tither, giver and practical gift giver (look for ways to be kind on a regular basis - look for people to bless)

~ Check your credit report once a year and commit to a realistic plan to make it better

~ Stop self soothing through impulse spending; a hard working man will value a woman who knows how to spend and save wisely

~ Change the mentality that a man must take care of you; learn to take care of yourself

~ Figure out how to self care and do it often (value yourself enough to take care of your body, mind, soul and spirit)

~ Embrace good godly female friendships (there are certain things no man will ever be able to help you walk through). Cut gossipers and chatter boxes from your circle. Your girlfriends should be able to correct you, cover you with prayer and be a loving but objective voice of reason

~ Get involved in social, church and community activities

~ Stay up to date with current affairs so you can always add substance to a conversation (Reality TV Shows don't count)

~ Be multi-faceted and multi-layered; don't get trapped in being and doing the same things year in, year out; broaden your horizons

~ Get comfortable being sensual and sexy (God created us to be that way). Just choose how, when and where to put it out there (don't be slutty, vulgar, crass or raw - choose to be classy, sophisticated, stylish and confident)

~ Be open to sexual adventure and be willing to discuss when your BOAZ/JOSEPH is confirmed; don't go into a marriage blind and clueless (making assumptions or having false expectations)

~ Establish healthy boundaries for yourself and determine ahead of time what appropriate boundaries must be in place when you get married (discuss ahead of time when God sends him your way). You both need to be on the same page about desires, preferences and expectations instead of making assumptions

~ Be willing to own your stuff and not blame others; accountability and taking responsibility will speed up the personal and spiritual growth process

~ Don't punish a man for what other men did to you (or your friends). Don't use general blanket type statements to describe or define men (not all are wimps, wishy-washy or weak)

~ Be mentally prepared to leave and cleave but don't allow a man to cut you off completely from your family and loved ones.

~ Use this time to become better instead of waiting in desperation for a man. Be complete in yourself so that you don't expect a man to complete you.

~ Don't be so eager for a man that you chase everyone that comes on your radar. Ishmael arrived before Isaac - don't settle for the frogs when the real Prince is coming

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