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Tapping Into My Roots

A few months before my father died, I heard the quote “Bloom where you’re planted” and it has been my life’s philosophy ever since that time. I was blessed to speak on that topic in various settings and to many people both formally and informally. Needless to say, I have had to live out that creed in no uncertain terms, as my life has meandered through stages of growth and development. It is for this very reason that I earnestly go back to my roots, for it is in the experiences of the past and the lessons learned that we draw strength and courage to bloom in spite of the place or position in which we are planted.

To that end, I am being intentional about my associations; allowing discernment to take the place of need. I’m dusting off the books, postcards, sermon notes, personal writings and profound passages that helped to get me to this point. I am listening to the songs that carried me when the walls of life threatened to crush me. Old photo albums beckon another look, as I travel down memory lane and remind myself of the way things used to be, so that confidence and courage can burst forth. Tapping into one’s roots takes thought, time, and tears. But it is worth the effort to remember who you are and where you’ve come from. It is essential to the realization of the stuff we’re made of, in order to rid ourselves of the deceptive clutter which inundates our minds & impedes our growth.

As I re-read my mommy’s gift to me 10 years ago (‘Don’t Give It Away, by Iyanla Vanzant), I am reminded of the following:-

  • I have a body, but I am not my body” so I should stop wanting to look like others

  • I am love in motion” so I don’t need to apologize for the affection and attention I pour on others

  • Have fun with life, Keep your life simple” so that you find joy in the simplest of things

  • Faith and fearlessness fuel your dreams” so its ok to have that dichotomy

  • Never say never” because the adventurer in you deserves to try all sorts of things

  • Trust yourself and the process of life” because God leads you from your own heart

  • You are so much more than you can see” so don’t label or limit yourself

  • Being alone is a special time” so make it happen often so that you can refuel

  • My face is not the real me” because a smile and makeup is not a true reflection of who I am

  • I am made in the image of all that is good” and God makes no mistakes

Today I am tapping into my roots, remembering the bold, bright, beautiful girl who never really knew how to be afraid even when fear should have been the most likely response. I am tapping into my roots, recalling the prayers of my grandmother and godmother who both recently passed on. I am tapping into my roots, reminiscing about the phone calls and notes that spoke life into my spirit and breathed love into my heart. I am tapping into my roots as I reach out to the GOD who resides inside, carefully orchestrating the melody of my life. It is in this quest that I bloom and blossom in the midst of life’s struggles and circumstances, as I make the best of it when I’m given the worst of it. Ten years ago, I wrote in this very same book from mommy that “I am magnificently flawed yet constantly evolving!” Afterall, isn’t that what really happens when one blooms where they are planted??

Reaching way down into the real roots:-)

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