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When faced with reality, some of us shudder with trepidation, while others frantically try to manipulate or maneuver the situation to get a more desired result. Others take a more drastic approach assuming that their dire measures will straighten things out (or fix people) because that’s what they have to do. But here is what I have learned about reality - many times it is what it is for a reason. In many instances we have either put ourselves in a position which led to that reality, or life (being the adventure that it is) simply took its course. The lesson to learn (in spite of how much we want to fix things, change things or control people) is that some realities may NEVER change. People you are trying to control, monitor, fix, or change, may never ever become who you want them to be. Therefore, one has to decide if it is worth living that reality or if it is better to pick another one and move on. Ultimately, some kind of moving on must take place, or else we become stuck in a place and position of always trying to change things, conditions or people. We must get to a place emotionally and spiritually where we can surrender to the possibilities, being assured that no matter what realities face us, we will be just fine in the core of our beings.

Granted, we should not settle for less than the best; but who is to say if one day the best for us is not 75% vs. another day which could be a whopping 99%? The important realization that needs to be made is that some realities can never be undone, some realities are going to occur no matter what we try to do to stop it, and some will come along and allow us to grow, develop and become better as a result of its presence. I know it is sad, discouraging and painful to deal with the lost credit, the foreclosed home, the bad news, repossessed car, sickness, the affair, the failed exam (and I could go on and on but you know what your realities are). Yet, maintaining a fierce grip and trying to control the situation based on our limited perception and vision can sometimes make a bad situation worse. Let’s stop trying to change everything or everyone. Let’s cease trying to have complete control over every situation and instead, focus on our own thoughts, actions and choices and let life take its course, knowing that none of us have any real control over other people's realities. Let's choose our battles with care and caution; some of these same realities are blessings in disguise. Take it from someone who has been slapped upside the head with a significant dose lately.

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