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Plugged In

"They can't hear or see you clearly because they are plugged into something else" - The Lord just spoke those words to me awhile ago after I prayed about a sad situation. I was sitting here trying to watch a video on my phone with my headset on but could not hear anything. I then realized that because I'm sitting in the dark (VISION RESTRICTED) I did not realize that my headset was still plugged into my laptop. I was unable to hear (CLARITY) the video playing on my phone because the headset was plugged into another device even though it was covering my ears.

Many times people can't see or hear us because their attention is elsewhere. Their emotional environment is so dark that it limits their vision of reality and prevents them from seeing things for what they really are. They think they have the ability to hear and receive from others, but they are unable to because they are connected to things and people that blocks transmission. Be careful that you block your own blessings, instructions and information because of the things and people that you stay plugged in to. Check yourself in case you are blaming your lack of information, instruction, inspiration and impartation on others, when in fact you are not even tuned in and emotionally accessible to receive what is being given.

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