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I Have A Dream

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

I have a DREAM but could it be a pipe dream? A few years ago I passionately pursued my dream of becoming a Voice Talent. Feeling confident I courageously explored the opportunities by recording several radio spots, commercials, etc. My enthusiasm even allowed me to invest in a promotional CD which I dutifully packaged and mailed to several established businesses and ministries, with the hope that mine would be THE VOICE they had been waiting to hear. Alas, the feedback was painfully eye-opening. Even though I have a distinct, eloquent, clear speaking voice with mastery of the English language, my Jamaican accent would possibly limit my marketability. Granted, this feedback was not a criticism but a dose of reality which indicated that my service would be better suited to things geared to a predominantly West Indian audience. I still have a hope that my time will come and I will be the voice talent representing products, services, business and ministries. However, that was not the time!

As the realization slowly but surely sank in, I accepted the possibility that it was no longer time to passionately pursue THAT dream, but to look into others that were more feasible and probable. Instead of beating myself down with tales of ‘woe is me’ or throwing in the towel completely, I embraced another dream and actually saw THAT one come to fruition. Even though my voice was not in demand as a vocal talent, my dream of becoming a published writer was. As a result, my voice was given a means of expression in published articles which validated the possibility of the pursuit.

Recently, I’ve had reason to reflect on the reality that some dreams are never intended to be realized. In fact, not all good ideas or innate abilities are meant to have a public platform. There are some dreams which, if used wisely, will propel us to the REAL place of purpose while enabling the opportunities to derive or develop a new skill set. However, it requires honest reflection and introspection to determine when a dream is no longer worth the pursuit. We could be delaying the REAL dream by stubbornly refusing to let go of the pipe dream. Our future success might be at stake due to our unwillingness to call it what it is – a dream that was never meant to become reality. There is no shame in this recognition or admission. Frankly, the passion to pursue is our affirmation that the fuel exist but it should not be the flame that burns or eliminates what could become the REAL DEAL.

This week I had the honor of meeting and speaking with Randall James, former chief of staff in government. His years of service taught him similar lessons which further fueled my own thought process about pursuing worthy dreams. It was reassuring to learn from such a stalwart in leadership and realize that while life’s possibilities may be endless, wisdom and practical pursuits are priceless. Mr. James warned against “knee-jerk reactions” which could have life changing results. I acknowledged that even though I have a right to my pursuits, it also comes with a responsibility for the ways in which life and lives could be affected. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging a dream but there is something flawed in the pursuit of a dream to nowhere. Before we enthusiastically endeavor to pursue anything, let us first count the cost, ask the tough questions, seek God’s perfect will then take off in the direction of the RIGHT dreams.

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