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Christmas Perspective - Choose Tenacity

Despair, discouragement and desperation can creep upon us without an invitation or a moment’s notice. The countdown to Christmas, the New Year, and falling over the fiscal cliff, can cause us to feel as though we have no control over what is to come. To make matters worse, many have resigned themselves to life’s harsh realities, choosing to go into hiding, disconnecting and laying low because there seems to be no solid answer or safe place to go. Frankly, if we were all honest we would admit that life could be much better and we really wished it would make that significant turn. There must come a time, a moment of acknowledgement where we allow ourselves to tap in to the TRIED & TRUE TENACITY. It is the place of resilience and resolve which enables us to keep going with optimism, drive, hope and faith in the GOD who has brought us this far. Indeed we may not have any control over impending doom, danger or disappointments. Life tends to unfold with a myriad of mixed blessings. But we do have a say in the way we choose to prepare and process each situation and its accompanying feeling. While we quietly and sadly acknowledge that things are bad and we wish it would get better, let’s also choose to declare that it could be much worse than it is right now. Allowing ourselves to tap in to the hidden strength that has been developed in the harsh life experiences we have previously encountered, will give us the ability to smile, hope and move forward. Tenacity and resilience is always there. We have to choose that approach and take on that attitude. Life will be better if we flip the mental switch and adjust our perceptions to authenticate our perspective. Make this the best Christmas ever and prepare for a New Year of wonderful possibilities.

CHRISTmas blessings to all!!

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