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About Shannan Lewis

Shannan Lewis is an agent of positive change who has been using her communication and inspiration gifts for many years. She was born in Portland Jamaica to Rev. Eric and Joyce Lewis. She is the older sister of singer and author Alecia Lewis, and the musical genius, Othniel Lewis. As a teenager, Shannan was best known as a public speaker, singer and a radio & television personality influencing and impacting lives. 


In 1995, Shannan migrated to the United States of America where  she continued impacting lives through careers in transportation, hospitality, and higher education. Shannan has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and a master’s degree in Leadership. She served as an Adjunct  Leadership Professor and Senior Admissions Counselor at Palm Beach Atlantic University Orlando for five years, until her life changed with the revelation of a leukemia lymphoma  cancer diagnosis.


She bravely battled and conquered cancer and was given a second chance at life through a Bone Marrow Transplant. Shannan intends to live an amazing abundant life for God's glory so that she will inform, inspire and impact as many lives as possible. Fueled by her life's philosophy, "Bloom where you're planted," she seeks to encourage, educate and empower lives through her 'I Choose to Bloom' platforms and events. 

She is the mother of two teenagers who constantly drives her desire to live a passionate, productive purpose-filled life in order to model good citizenship and godly principles.

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