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I Choose To Bloom

I Choose To Bloom provides content meant to inform, instruct and inspire with the hope that you will choose to bloom where you are positioned and planted in life. 

After fighting a leukemia lymphoma cancer diagnosis,

I became even more deliberate about my personal life philosophy, 'Bloom where you're planted'. Battling the diagnosis and feeling reborn after a bone marrow transplant allowed me to get up everyday telling myself,


-Shannan Lewis

Destiny In Disguise

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In Destiny in Disguise: Lessons and Blessings in a Cancer Journey, Shannan Lewis describes in detail how she dealt with a lymphoma and leukemia diagnosis, the things she learned throughout the process, and the shift in perspective that came as a result of the overall experience.


By candidly sharing the real, raw, realities, Shannan invites us into her journey as she informs, instructs and inspires for the benefit of anyone who is currently dealing with cancer or those whose lives will be impacted in some way.

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